Top Secret Facility, South Africa – 2010

Chris cursed himself not for being caught, but for being caught so damned easily. It was embarrassing for him, the BSAA and everything he stood for. Yet the man responsible for his capture made it all the more unbearable… Albert Wesker.

For the past year, Chris had always been several steps behind the elusive Wesker. Always getting close to confronting him but never being in the same place at the same time to make his capture. In his risky attempt to go it alone with no partner, Chris ended up making it all too easy for Wesker, who managed to take the BSAA agent moments after his failed infiltration mission even started.

“Ah, Chris. You’ve been a thorn in our backside this past year.” Wesker remarked as he entered the holding cell, a buff looking and well armed grunt in tow.

“Do you know how absoutely tiresome it is to be constantly on the move with some would be agency dogging your every step along the way?” Wesker questioned rhetorically, pacing back and forth in front of Chris. Briefly stopping to clean his black shades.

“W-what… did you… drug me with…” Chris replied weakly, struggling to focus on Wesker’s blurry form in front of him.

“Well I intend to show you what it feels like to be dogged so relentlessly, Redfield.” Wesker spoke firmly and ominously, beginning to unbutton his shirt and belt buckle. Ordering the grunt to do the same with a nod.

“What… what the hell are you doing?” Chris questioned in a puzzled and dazed manner, squinting and swaying his head from side to side as he attempted to focus his eyes.

It wasn’t long until Chris had plenty to focus on with the long, throbbing cocks of Wesker and the grunt twitching just inches from his face. Chris’s eyes widened with a sudden realization of what was going to happen, shockingly looking up to his old partner.

“You, hold him in place. I’ll go first.” Wesker gestured to the grunt. A smirk formed on his lips and the red glow of his eyes pierced the black lenses of his shades.