2015 – Las Vegas, Nevada

There wasn’t much to do on Earth Realm after Shinnok’s butt got kicked. The whole army training routine was starting to get real old for Cassie Cage. And to make matters worse, her parents were fighting again. She thought they would get back together after Shinnok was defeated, but if anything – they were only getting worse. Especially her dad! So Cassie got a call one day from a producer asking her if she wanted to try out for one of his new “projects”. The perfect way to get back at Daddy…

And here she was, the bright lights of the studio making her sweat nervously. She felt a rush of excitement as her hunky co-stars readied themselves…she’s never taken two dicks at once before, especially not ones this big. But Cassie knew she could do it. She bit her lip as the set went quiet. Her breathing quickened. She was soaking wet. The director called for action, and Cassie gasped in pleasure the moment they took her…

She turned out be a natural.


(HD) From MEGA