Yamatai Island – 10th February, 2013

Sweat ran down Lara’s smooth skin whilst her pelvis swayed with feminine instinct. She looked down at her latest Solarii victim, a terrified young man. His eyes were wide with shock as he stared down the imposing barrel of the Tomb Raider’s pistol. “I wonder how he feels to be helpless – to be the victim?” Lara thought to herself as she bit her cracked lip. Having been through hell at the hands of her captors, Lara Croft wanted to savor every moment of her revenge…and how delightful it was.

The young man’s cock began to throb inside her, and a faint blush spread across his cheeks. Lara had him now. Her dripping pussy clamped around his thick shaft as she ground her pelvis down onto him. The rough treatment by the Solarii had awoken hidden desires she never thought she had, and now her body craved these orgasmic pleasures.

Lara the girl was gone.

Lara the woman, was just getting started.