5 days before the invasion…

Shao Kahn surveyed his greatest creation. The grace and beauty of an Edenian, coupled with the ferocity of a Tarkatan. Yes, she would do nicely, he thought to himself. His very own pet. Despite being forged in the abyssal recesses of the Flesh Pits by dark sorcery, Mileena’s body was strikingly beautiful. Long shapely legs complemented her toned stomach, along with curves worthy of a Queen. Her face was covered by a veil, and to the uninitiated she could almost pass as her sister, Kitana. But her eyes betrayed her fiendish lineage…and her mouth…well, the less said of that, the better.

Shao Kahn detailed her first assignment. A simple task. To infiltrate Earth Realm before the invasion and wreak havoc on a particularly important military installation. The humans forces must be softened up before the armies of Outworld make landfall. What better way to test the capabilities of his new pet? She must feed and grow her strength, after all.

Mileena listened to her Master eagerly. Her thoughts turned to the pitiful humans she was to devour. Her young body flared with excitement. She was only a teenager in Tarkatan terms, and this was to be her first contact with the humans. She smiled under the veil. Master wouldn’t mind if she had a little fun, would he? After all…there are many forms of hunger, and Mileena had a voracious appetite.