2186 C.E. – Citadel Station

Shepard wrestled with her emotions yet again, as she took her morning jog through the secluded corridors of the Wards. She was still wracked by guilt over destroying the Genophage cure, and even more so about the loss of Grunt and his squadron. But this is war, and sacrifices had to be made.

At least that’s what she kept telling herself.

She was so deep in thought she didn’t even see the blur of red, or the hulking form lunging at her from a nearby dark alley. The last thing Shepard remembered was the floor rushing up to meet her.

When she regained consciousness, her body felt like it had been through hell. She attempted to move her limbs but she was securely chained to the ceiling. Worse yet, her clothes were stripped off and her soft skin was covered in some foul smelling liquid. Leering Krogan surrounded her, and she could see that some of them wore insignia of a traditionalist militia faction from Tuchanka. She quickly scanned her surroundings; they had taken her to some derelict building in the refugee docks. Shepard started to protest but then a stinging pain cut across her loins. She looked down to see her pubic region swollen and used, with a puddle of the foul liquid right under her. Only then did the Commander realize what they had done to her, and she bit her lip in rage.

As her assailants chuckled, their leader stepped forward. “Commander Shepard, on this day you will learn that some choices have dire consequences.” The big Krogan nodded to his accomplices, and as the flurry of whips rained down upon her bruised skin, the Commander knew that she would have to endure to survive.