Makai Realm

The Dark Lord Belial had enough of his daughter’s disobedience. He had tried to dissuade the succubus from visiting the human realm so often with no success. Her dalliances had brought the noble house Aensland into disrepute, and Belial would not become the laughing stock of the Underworld. Morrigan’s thirst for human playthings was unquenchable however, and she showed no remorse for her unruly actions.

And thus Belial had decided that a different type of parenting was in order. He will fight fire with fire.

He nodded for another Yokai to take the place of the previous one. This one was the biggest of them all, a true alpha specimen, with a cock to match his immense size. Morrigan knelt, hands bound behind her back, as the eager soldier shoved his filthy prick down her slutty throat. Her expression turned to one of lust, and Belial knew she would feed well this night.