Underworld – Present Day

After the invasion hit Tokyo, it rapidly swept across the globe. Within days all major metropolitan centers were under siege from the demonic forces – and New York was no exception. Rachel, a demon huntress by trade, killed hundreds of the lesser fiends before she was brought down by two Greater Fiends of Chaos. Stripped of her weapons and dignity, she was now nothing more than a mere fucktoy for the legions of the underworld.

And just like any half decent fucktoy, she would be well used by her Masters. Day after day they ravaged her, first the generals, then the officers, and then the lowest of the pig-scum. And worst of all, the trace amounts of fiendish blood in Rachel’s veins drove the demons to heightened frenzy. A human female with fiendish blood was the rarest of delicacies to them…and they bred her over and over again with renewed ferocity until she could take no more.