Subverse is an RPG/SHMUP hybrid where your mission is to build an elite strike team consisting of the most sexy, feared and deadly women in the Prodigium Galaxy. Locate them, earn their loyalty and then do unspeakably filthy things with them in bed. However, assembling this rogue squad of warriors, infiltrators and tech-wizards will be no easy task.

Recruiting each waifu requires completing a variety of story-based combat missions. Fortunately, they’re ready for action and bring unique abilities, weapons and buffs to both grid and space combat that will help you destroy any alien dickheads that get in your way.

The stronger your waifus become, the better they perform in battle AND the bedroom. Max out your favorite waifu’s levels to unlock a wide variety of sexy rewards that allow you to enjoy their appreciation in the comfort of your very own quarters.

Hitting the right level will prompt them to come to you with a loyalty quest, and these are the best missions in the game. Completing these heavily-scripted end-game challenges that are tailored to each waifu’s personality and particular strength of skills will earn you a full loyalty meter and their final rewards.