Full Name: Celestina
Race: Senu
Height: 6'0” (182 cm)
Breast Size: Majestic
Voice Actress: Sarita Belle

The current ruler of the Imperium, and thereby pretty much the whole damn Prodigium, Empress Celestina is the latest in a long line of Senu overlords. As one of only a handful of Senu in existence, Celestina is uniquely equipped with immense psychic potential, having been handpicked by the former Empress, Kasidora, to succeed her.

Despite the fearsome potential of her race, Celestina is somewhat of a reluctant ruler. Being only 18 years old by Senu standards, her lack of experience in dealing with galactic matters sometimes shows. Her dislike of politics and youthful naivete, combined with an unusually docile demeanor has made her popular amongst the populace. Mind you, after Kasidora’s iron-fisted regime, the relatively lax Celestina is a welcome sigh of relief for the oppressed many.

That’s not to say she will always be a benevolent ruler, as the Coven of Nine still holds Celestina’s strings, seeking to manipulate her from the shadows for their own gain.

Only one of pure heart can withstand their machinations and lead Prodigium into a new era of prosperity.