Full Name: Va’tor Dallick
Race: Vanneran
Height: 4'4” (132 cm)
Voice Actor: Mr. Kristoff

One of the greatest mechanics to ever live, Dallick’s natural talent for handling nuts and bolts is rivaled only by his extreme desire to self-medicate with the finest narcotics.

Physically, Dallick is on the very bottom rung of the vanneran genetic ladder. Most males of his species stand at least twice as tall as he does and have statuesque physiques that make them some of the most desired gigolos in the galaxy.

Despite his shortcomings, Dallick takes it in stride and has a cunning stoner charm that allows him to negotiate the absolute best prices with whatever prostitutes he comes across (and all over).

He currently resides aboard the almighty Keisterstation – a masterpiece of ingenuity that he designed to avoid any radar system in the galaxy out of necessity. Because of Dallick’s tendency to consume copious amounts of outlawed drugs and design, build and sell whatever infernal machines he wants despite Imperium regulations, he is considered a wanted outlaw.