Full Name: Unknown
Race: Solar
HEIGHT: 5'2 (158cm)
Breast Size: Perky
Voice Actress: Iris Harman

Very little is actually known about the teen prodigy hacker and vigilante-for-hire known as Fortune. The Solar military has no record of her enlistment or even birth. The only evidence she exists are the dozens of high-profile cyber attacks against the Imperium for which she has proudly claimed responsibility and the mysterious disappearances of the dozens of bounty hunters that have tried to collect on her contract.

Fortune maintains a covert team of operatives throughout the galaxy that she generally blackmails into fueling her espionage tactics. Those that have worked with her and were lucky enough to survive tell stories of a young Solar female with a take-no-shit attitude, zero tolerance for failure and the ability to destroy anything in her path with high-tech plasma discs.

Despite having a tumultuous history with the Captain, she reluctantly works with him out of her obsession with overthrowing the Imperium.

She collects the intelligence their team needs to fuel the revolution and makes sure to keep the Mary Celeste out of the way of Imperium patrols and traps.