Full Name: Unknown
Race: Mawsus
Height: 5'3” (165 cm)
Breast Size: Flatchest delight
Voice Actress: Aria Lynn

Known only as “The Huntress” this terrifying cephalopod is the confirmed #1 ranked bounty hunter in the Prodigium galaxy with more than 70 confirmed collections. Her rates are higher than Dallick after a night of shore leave.

She will work for anyone that has a potential mark dangerous enough to satisfy her primal urge to hunt. Her combat suit, weapons, and ship are all one-of-a-kind instruments of destruction, and she is practically unstoppable with all of them at her disposal.

Not only has she never failed to complete a mission, she seems to revel in pursuing targets that others would consider suicidal to even attempt.

Though she is shrouded in mystery, it has been observed that she follows the honor code of her species. Should she ever be defeated in combat, she would be required to swear a life debt to the one that bests her. Some say that she actually pursues these challenges in hopes of finding the one that will bring an end to her reign of terror.

Others think the thrill of the hunt itself is what gives her pleasure. Unfortunately, the crew of the Mary Celeste will soon find the answer.