Full Name: Kasidora
Race: Senu
Height: 6'0” (182 cm)
Breast Size: You don't wanna know
Voice Actress: Sue

Lady Kasidora is the former Empress of the Imperium, having abdicated the throne to Celestina only a few years ago due to senu tradition – not because she wanted to, of course.

Kasidora’s rule ushered in a new era of stability for the Imperium, but also came at a heavy cost. Her hardline stance against pretty much anything fun pissed off the vast majority of the populace. She was responsible for the Great AI Purge, the outlawing of designer drugs, the destruction of the Vanneran homeworld (among many others) and also the decommisioning of Nü Vegas and the resulting pornography bans. She currently acts as Celestina’s advisor and confidant, manipulating the young Empress behind-the-scenes.

Despite her cuntish nature, Kasidora has supreme belief in the Veil and its ability to bring peace across the galaxy.

Her faith is as strong as her resolve, and she will not let any destabilizing individuals risk what she has built up over her long and bloody rule.