Full Name: Sovalin Maliana
Race: Teelee
Height: 3'8'' (111.7 cm)
Age: 918
Breast Size: Shortstack Handful
Voice Actress: Samantha Flowers

Born into the longest-running royal bloodline in the galaxy, Sova is a genuine teelee princess. Though her species is known for their adorable features, short stature and diplomatic prowess, Sova despises her noble obligations and the expectations of behavior placed upon her. All she cares about is challenging herself by drinking, fighting and fucking to increasingly intimidating extents.

Such behavior is obviously not very princess-like, so she is treated by most of her species like the outcast she’s proud to be. Those that respect her do so out of admiration for her accomplishments in the arena. Since the dawn of their society, the teelee have been paying other species to come to their planet and beat each other to death under the pretense of good old-fashioned friendly competition. Before Sova, no other teelee (especially a woman) had ever risen high enough to compete in the Teelee Fighting Championship.

Though she is next in line to rule, she and her elite team of warriors aspire to take the title…that is as long as she can stay sober enough for the fight, which is a long shot.

Sova’s combat and leadership qualities make her an excellent addition to the Mary Celeste’s crew, and her time in the arena has made her well-versed in all kinds of weapons. Naturally, she serves as the armaments maintenance officer.