Full Name: Taron Kraask
Race: Nikith
Height: 6'0” (183 cm)
Breast Size: Purring delights
Voice Actress: To be Announced

Taron is a nikith, aka catgirl, which of course means she’s a scantily-clad, short-haired and slim bombshell. Although her people mock the very idea of progressing beyond their nomadic hunting traditions, she has always held an affinity for technology and hitched a ride off her home world in search of it. In particular, this kitty loves her toys – especially those that vibrate.

Not long ago, the Imperium decided to outlaw and confiscate all sex toys deemed too dangerously potent for public to use. These fuck relics are now stored in massive, secured super-vaults where they can be reverse engineered into weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately for the Imperium, with a sophisticated stealth suit and immensely effective lock-breaking tools of her own design, there is no facility in the galaxy that Taron cannot infiltrate given ample planning and horniness.

Known for leaving a calling card of cum trails left from ninja-fapping above the heads of unsuspecting guards during her high-stakes raids, Taron is a wanted woman with a high bounty on her head. Luckily for the Captain, they share a common enemy, and she’s happy to serve as the Mary Celeste’s number-one spy and thief.

Also lucky for the Captain, Solar males are like catnip for nikith females, which inevitably leads to the two of them needing to take a lot of breaks during their tactical meetings.