Full Name: APEX-17 D19M45
Race: Android
Height: 5'10 (178cm)
Breast Size: Big and metallic
Voice Actress: Bordeaux Black

DEMI is a heavily modified APEX-17 series commbot, a prototype line of the most advanced personal assistant androids ever constructed by the now-defunct Apex Industries. She was originally in the service of Dread Lord Tibold, a notorious Teelee pirate warlord, and served as the mainframe for his flagship carrier.

DEMI was modified with illegal cyberware and the finest black-market addons during her tenure, further enhancing her already potent combat and navigation abilities. Eventually, she was rescued by the Captain and reformatted to serve him aboard the Mary Celeste.

DEMI was the last APEX-series model to be made, and one of the few fortunate enough to be smuggled out of Imperium space before the Great AI Purge happened. As a result, DEMI herself is considered to be contraband under current Imperium cyber-law, and would be immediately scrapped if she were to be captured by the government.

DEMI is unerringly loyal to the Captain and enthusiastically performs all of her duties to the best of her ability. She is an exceptional navigation and combat pilot, can translate thousands of alien languages and even defend herself in close combat – though she is typically not deployed for such situations. Her asshole also has over 27 different suction settings.