Full Name: Elaisha Sorn
Race: Kloi
Height: 5'7” (170 cm)
Breast Size: Space Elf Perky
Voice Actress: Venus LeMay

Ela is a member of the reclusive and powerful kloi, which are essentially space-elf supremacists that think they are better than everyone else because…well, they pretty much are. However, even when you’re dealing with an entire species of near genetic perfection, Ela stands out from them all in two big ways – she’s one hell of a warrior and one hell of a porn star.

When it comes to battle she holds numerous military records with the traditional kloi energy bow, such as most kills in a single skirmish, longest-range confirmed kill, and of course…the coveted dong-assassin medal she earned for demoralizing an entire pirate battalion to the point of surrender with a salvo of consecutive cockshots. Naturally, such an accomplished and admired warrior became the subject of fantasy for much of the galaxy.

One of the most aggressive deviants of her species, Ela made those fantasies a reality for her adoring fans when she retired from the kloi royal legion and entered the adult industry, quickly becoming the most popular starlet of all time. Unfortunately, Imperium law imposes extremely strict rules on pornographic productions, more or less making them glorified modeling sessions. Not only that, kloi law dictates that mating outside of their species is punishable by death.

Despite her success in life, Ela is now looked at as a pariah of sorts for daring to challenge kloi tradition by suggesting they be allowed to enjoy a variety of alien genitals. As a result, she harbors deep resentment towards both the Imperium and her own species for their close-minded beliefs. She channels that resentment into her job as the ranged specialist of the Mary Celeste.