Full Name: Dr. Lillian Margaliss
Race: Solar (Human)
Height: 5'9 (175cm)
Breast Size: MILF
Voice Actress: Alexia Renaldis

Dr. Lillian Margaliss is one of the top Solar scientists, highly respected by her peers for her work in both alien biology and ethology that helps to determine sexual compatibility between their species and the rest of those found throughout the Prodigium galaxy. As a result, she often works nights and enjoys taking her work home with her.

Not only is she brilliant, but Lily is also no stranger to combat. Like all third generation Solars, she was required to join the military upon entering adulthood and quickly became a respected marksman. Her bravery as a field medic was also notable, though Lily’s enthusiasm for battle had more to do with how much it turned her on rather than any reverence of duty.

Responsible for the inception and execution of the MANTICORE (mantic) program, Lily has no hesitations about breaking the genetic manipulation laws imposed by the Imperium.

Her primary duty aboard the Mary Celeste is maintaining the mantic laboratory and breeding an army for the Captain to be used in the revolution, as well as running “endurance tests” on her creations for quality control. This means sex.