Full Name: Va'raz Killision
Race: Vanneran
Height: 5'11 (180cm)
Breast Size: Perfection
Voice Actress: SilkyMilk

Killi’s story is a tragic one that has turned her into a sadist perpetually fueled by the need for vengeance and the kind of stress-relief only marathons of fucking can provide. Due to their passion for the latter, her species was eventually doomed by the puritanical Imperium’s blockade of her home planet.

This forced Killi into a vagrant life of crime that eventually culminated in the honor of being given control of the largest pirate fleet in the galaxy – the Dread Fleet. She wasted no time at all in turning the destructive efficiency of her armadas against the government, causing them to scatter in fear upon her approach.

Fortunately for the Imperium, a traitor among her ranks would eventually rise and lead a mutiny overthrowing her rule, destroying the pirate code she devoutly believed in and stealing the majority of her finest panties in the process. Obviously, this could not be forgiven.

Killi’s endless lust for the blood of dickheads makes her highly effective at her job aboard the Mary Celeste as the primary strike team specialist, though she spends most of her time in the bar making the stiffest drinks imaginable for her fellow crew.